Sony touch-screen version of the T Series Ultrabook officially are available now

In this year’s CES show, Sony introduced a new T-series Ultrabook products, compared to the previous product, the new T Series Ultrabook’s biggest change is having upgraded to the touch screen, providing users with a better Windows 8 touch operating experience. Now, people can get the Sony touch-screen version of the T Series Ultrabook at

Currently, all new T Series Ultrabook products  visit Sony’s official online store with the respective prices.

T13 and T15 series model of touch-screen version with the minimum sell for the same $ 769.99 (about 4800 yuan), and T14 series of touch-screen version of the Ultrabook minimum price at $ 899.99 (about 5600 yuan ), while users can also define product configuration list according to their needs.

Specifically, the new T Series Ultrabook will be powered with Intel, the third generation i3-3227U/i5-3337U/i7-3537U processor, support for up to 8GB of memory, user-selectable up to 1TB HDD +24 GB SSD the mixed storage solution or step place equipped with a 512GB SSD. the parts available here

In addition, Sony T Series Ultrabook equipped with a touch screen all  pre-installed 64-bit Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft Office 2013 office software.

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